Monday, January 12, 2009

Canoe, can you.

Today we went kayaking!!! So much fun. I have been pestering my husband for months to go but we always get distracted and do something else. Today when we got up, and it was another glorious day, he said" I know what we are doing today.... kayaking" I literally yelled Yippee!!! I was like a little kid...... or a dog when you say they are going for a walk. I have never kayaked before but I figured it would be fun. And it was. We went to the Royal National Park where you can hire a canoe and paddle around the lake. It was so beautiful and calm. Every where in Sydney is so packed at the moment and the thought of going to the beach sends shivers down my spine as I think of all the "beautiful tanned people". In the National park it was just families and even then it wasn't really busy at all, most of the time ours was the only canoe with cooee.

Kayaking is great exercise and I only stopped and let the husband do the hard work for about 10 minutes while I lay back and enjoyed the surroundings. After the park we went on a road trip to Woolongong as we haven't been before. It was so lovely to just get out the city for the day. I love living in a big city but the beauty of Sydney is that everything else is right on your door step. The Northern beaches, the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley, the National Park..... Sydney is a truly beautiful place to live. I am loving getting out and enjoying it.

I must also admit, getting out into the fresh air with nature drastically reduces the desire to smoke. I can't even imagine having lit up a cigarette today, it kind of ruins the whole picture. I am definitely making progress and breathing the fresh air also makes you want to enjoy healthy food. Speaking of which I better be off now to cook a very simple dinner of stir fired broccolini, sugar snaps and snow peas with grilled salmon.

Be good!!!


  1. Congrats on having an entire day without even WANTING a cigarette! I love getting out on the water - one of my New Year's resolutions is to get back into rowing when the weather gets warmer here in the States. And while I love Austin living, I'm starting to feel a little jealous of Sydney.

  2. I love the Royal - it's a really great place to sit back and relax. Being outside in the fresh air really does wonders for the non-smoking routine.

  3. I've visited Sydney and immediately said, "this is the most beautiful city in the world!". I kept saying it over and over, amazing at how often the SOH was in view. Someday, I'll visit again! Good luck with meeting your goals, and, yes, adventure along the way!

  4. I was really struck by your comment in your first post about how you look in the mirror and what you see doesn't match up with reality. When I look in the mirror, I don't think I look SUPER horrible, just a little horrible...I also have a distorted view of myself - no self esteem problem here lol. But then I see pictures and it just srota jumps out at me. Keep up the good work!

  5. That was a short journey.

    Didnt even last the month

  6. anon...
    interesting comment..very encouraging.