Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 2.......


Green Tea
Just right cereal with low fat milk

2 tuna nori roll

2 Multigrain muffins with very small teaspoon of peanut butter and mashed banana

Pasta Napolitana (only half cup of cooked pasta) and blanched broccolini

2 cups green tea

As I was walking today I was trying to work out my key problem areas with food. At least one hurdle I do not have to jump over is that I already enjoy eating healthy foods. Greasy take away foods have never ever been a weakness. I could easily resist a bowl of french fries and not even look twice at deep fried chicken. But food weaknesses I do have are chocolate, sweets and ice cream. I think my biggest problem, since I don't eat large portions and I eat relatively healthy meals, is that I have no will power over treats. I don't feel like I am an emotional eater I just don't have a stopping mechanism when it comes to 'late night treats' you know the kind you have when you watch a movie. Most people can have a few spoons of ice cream and stop, or a couple of pieces of chocolate and put the rest away. Not me. It is as though I have a flat battery in the sensor that should tell me I have had enough. I could eat scoop after scoop of ice cream until there is none left... and if there was some hiding somewhere, I would still eat more. And I honestly don't think it has anything to do with emotions, there are no triggers besides boredom I guess. In fact I am the same with smoking.

If I am in a smoking mood (major trigger is talking on the phone) I will just light one cigarette after another. I could easily chain smoke 5 cigarettes in a half hour whilst chatting on the phone. I may not have anymore for the rest of the day but during that time I will simply not stop. It is as though I am in auto pilot. But I just have to break that habit, I need to adopt some replacement therapy and develop a few healthy habits to substitute the evil ones. First I need to get through the quitting process though. This time around I have decided to use a quitting tool to help me stay focused on not smoking. I have always quit cold turkey in the past and been very successful until I reach the 6 month mark, when I become a little relaxed about my resolve. Then it will only take one night out with my smoking friends and I become nostalgic for my old smoking self. And then before I know it I have bought a packet and the rest is history.

So today I was proactive bought some nicorette gum. I have never used patches or gum before but thought gum might be a good option as I am not only addicted to nicotine but addicted to the habit of 'having' a cigarette. I figure if I can at least do something when I get that craving it will be easier to severe ties with the action of smoking. Well today I had 2 pieces of gum and no cigarettes. The gum is kind of funky tasting, and the tingling sensation is a little weird and it actually made me realise something very curious about myself. As I am chewing the gum I am thinking, wow I bet this is not good for me... maybe I should spit it out. I re-read the instructions about 15 times, and was conscious the whole time that chewing nicotine can't be 'good' for me........ Hello??? I used to inhale smoke into my lungs..... Isn't it strange how brainwashed I have become that I can still be conscious about my health and what I put into my body and yet I have supported a smoking addiction for a decade. Well the smoke haze may finally be clearing.... I feel like this was a bit of a wake up moment and I will remember it next time I reach for a cigarette.

Be good to yourself


  1. Sounds like a great eating day, good job. As far as smoking, my wife was partying with some of her girlfriends in Wisconsin last night - here in Minnesota there is no smoking in the bars but the Cheeseheads still allow it. And oh boy could you tell from the smell on the clothes!

  2. Hi John. Thanks for the comment and the support. PS Feel free to remind me about the gross side of smoking eg the smell, as a smoker it is easy to forget just how disgusting it is :)

  3. Sometimes we can't stop eating ice cream or buttery popcorn because we are hungry! I advise choosing whole milk instead of skim, and full fat cheese. Just eat a reasonable portion of it. Your body needs fat from these healthy foods so it doesn't then crave the junk!

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